Sunday, March 14, 2010

Days Two and Three Abbreviated

Most of us are kind of confused as to what time it actually is! Thanks Dr. Weber, not only did you plan a trip that crossed a time zone, but this was also the weekend of the time-change.

Here is an update of what's been going on the last couple of days...

We got back to the bus yesterday morning and most of us were in good spirits. It didn't take terribly long to get to Nashville where most of wanted to find somewhere to eat. Realizing that the museums were a bit expensive, we knew that eating would be a good choice. We all walked around and no one got lost! Having to get back to the bus at 2:50, most of us were back by 2:15 exhausted and ready to get some quiet time.
We got to Franklin where we were privileged to eat soup another night and to sing in another great room. The church was newly built with a very modern architectural style. The choir's singing was very nice and tuning and phrasing is really coming together. This blogger would give Sarah Gladden the delightful countenance award. Kenneth is bringing a lot of energy to Papa Nou. The concert ended well, although our pitch giver gave an F for "O Day" rather than an F# so its performance was interesting at best.

We were very tired this morning when we sang for the 8:30 service for St. Andrew. The choir was joined by the parish choir for a singing of "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" that included a high c# in the soprano at the end... what's up with that? Who does that?? We were ready to leave when we realized that Jeana was not with us. She was taking a nap in the youth room when someone retrieved her. We love Jeana and applauded her when she returned.
The ride to Atlanta was a quick one, however, most of us had more than enough sandwiches for lunch. After watching what could only be described as utter dreck, the hit show "Glee" we arrived at St. Philip's Cathedral. This performance was described by a choir alum as "moving." I personally enjoyed the service very much and it may be the high point of this trip, but the trip is not over yet.

We, being tired, moved onto the next performance at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. The room was deceivingly dead acoustically. The performance was a good one. The energy level was very high. Mr. Ross commented to me as if surprised, "Oh the enthusiasm"-- to which I replied, "Well, it's the first night we had something other than soup for dinner." Kathryn and I led the choir in some stretches that allowed us to perform with a greater sense of ease. We had a lot fun with this process.
The choir was joined by many eager alumni at the singing of "O Day." It was nice to share this with alumni... and it was good to see some old friends.

I don't know of any really funny stories... perhaps people can comment and leave record of funny stories...

We hope you are doing well Dr. Weber and we are praying for you constantly. The Holy Spirit be with you and bring you joy. We love you! Stay tuned---

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