Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Past Few Days

You haven't heard from me and I am sorry about that. Trying to keep a blog on tour is a little more difficult than I thought it would be. So let's hear about the last couple of days...

Most of us had a wonderful time in Atlanta. We made our way to Lexington, SC around 11am yesterday morning. We arrived around 4pm and began rehearsing at Pilgrim Lutheran Church. Pastor Stephen Mims is an alum of L-R and welcomed along with his congregation the choir graciously.
We performed well for the most part. A day off in the middle of tour really made a strong difference in our performing in the latter half of this tour. Many people were impressed with the sound of the choir and proud that our choir represented a school of their denomination. We had several alums join us for O Day and Dr. Weber, had he been there, would have notice that this particular "alumni version" was record setting (volume) performance.

This morning we traveled to New Bern, NC starting about 8:30. Many people were tired so the first part of the bus ride was very quiet. After lunch though, we had the joy of experiencing all the over-dramatized tensions of high school in the dream world show Glee. How do people honestly like this show?
We arrived in New Bern around 3 o'clock. Many of us went to the anti-climactic birthplace of Pepsi. I saw a mug that would be great for drinking Coke or Sundrop and making this comment aloud at the store elicited a dirty look from the cashier... oh well.
About the performance this evening... It was probably our largest crowd. We were very happy to see all the folks there to hear our concert. This blogger was glad to see some children in the audience. I had the privilege of having a conversation with some of these children after the concert and they assured me that they enjoyed their evening. There was a woman two rows in that really need to hear When You Pass Through the Waters. Her emotional response spoke volumes. The college singers had a trial run of Bach's Lobet Den Herrn which we will also be performing for Augsburg Lutheran tomorrow evening and St. Andrew's Sunday evening. The concert ended well and we were pleased to be just a little closer to the goal.

Thank you for reading this evening. I will post the final things tomorrow after the "dance party." Our prayers are with Kathryn whose grandmother recently passed away, and with Jeremy Littlejohn who recently underwent surgery. Our continuned prayers are with Dr. Weber and his family. More to come... stay tuned--

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